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How dirty my carpet is?

The carpeting on your floor is a large investment, this will include any business or homeowner, therefore, it is important that you get the most from it you possibly can.

A dirty carpet is not healthy

If you haven’t had your carpet cleaned in the past six months, your carpet is full of harmful bacteria, fungus, chemicals, dust, food particles, germs, pollens, pet stains, grease, gravel, soot, tar, plus residue from toxic air pollution, car exhaust, tobacco smoke, not to mention creepy dust mites and critters that live, hide and breed in your carpeting. It is enough to make you sick.

Carpet Maintenance

It is better to spend more money on a quality carpet that is able to endure wear and tear. Although the initial cost may be more, you will extend the life of your carpet by several years.

Frequent vacuuming not only improves the look of your carpet it also extends the life of carpeting. Gritty particles such as sand, which is sharp, can actually cut through your broad investment.

We should not wait until soil patterns appear before professional cleaning. It is important to mention that most carpets do not wear out, they dirty out.

To maintain the appearance of your carpet, they should be professionally cleaned at least every six months. In most cases it is highly recommended to maintain the carpet using a monthly schedule. For a better result consulting to a building maintenance professional may rescue your investment for the years to come.


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